Coral Minerals:

An ocean of healthy possibilities
Have you evaluated your overall health lately? Has your doctor suggested taking natural supplements? Before you run to the nearest vitamin store, you might want to learn a little more about Coral LLC.

Coral LLC provides all-natural minerals derived from coral in hundreds of health food stores and health food chains across the country, and the world. We are the very first above sea coral calcium company to use environmentally friendly harvesting practices of fossilized ocean coral.

As one of America’s best-selling supplement brand, we can proudly say that we are the first company to encapsulate coral minerals for supplementation.

Why are Coral mineral supplements so important?

The answer can be summed up in two words: mineral deficiency.

Most consumers are unaware that unsustainable farming practices have stripped the minerals from our soil. This means that our food has less essential minerals than we realize. So, even if you invest in a healthy, organic diet, you’re not getting the essential minerals your body need to function at optimum health.

There are more than 150 serious health conditions that can be directly linked to calcium deficiency. Increasing your intake of calcium and vitamin d can greatly improve your health. Additionally, simply changing the pH level in your body with coral calcium can revolutionize your life. That’s why Coral LLC offers the best calcium supplement available.

The Coral LLC difference

There are many coral calcium suppliers in the world, but Coral LLC is the largest supplier of “Above Sea EcoSafe™ Coral.” As a family-owned company that focuses on sustainable coral collection, Coral LLC always provides high quality coral calcium — not the marine-grade stuff some other companies offer. You’ll always receive pure coral calcium with every single purchase, and we back it with a 100% guarantee.

At Coral LLC, the environment is our highest priority, which is why we depend on harvesting methods that leave the ecosystem as pristine as it was before we arrived.

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Coral LLC. respects the fragile state of the coral reefs and ocean environment. Unfortunately, other companies do take dead coral rubble from the ocean. Dredging the ocean floor devastates the ocean ecology and is detrimental to the living reefs. Coral larvae propagate in the dead coral debris and any disturbance directly affects the life of the living reef.


What our customers say:

I was diagnosed with an incurable condition that made me allergic to the cold.  The doctor said there was no cure and that I would have it for life.  When I was exposed to the cold, any exposed skin would break out in hives, swell and itch.  My parents put me on Coral Calcium.  A few weeks ago I was at my grandparents house and played out in the snow for hours!  I  no longer have an allergy to the cold!

— (11 year old), Lacie Perry


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