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What does it mean to be healthy?

Optimum health occurs when your body is functioning at its highest level. When you are healthy, you feel energized and vibrant. Being healthy enhances your quality of life in all areas, which is why it is so important to take care of your health. After all most dis-eases* are caused by poor nutrition, as well as a variety of unhealthy living habits. You don’t have to get the flu every winter just because its “flu season.” And your body doesn’t have to breakdown just because you are getting older.
You don’t have to buy into the myths. Staying healthy isn’t as difficult as you may think. If you simply avoid eating junk food, refined sugars, processed foods, and drinking sodas, etc., you will be on the right track to good health. Eating foods that are high in sugar and contain numerous unhealthy additives, results in an  acid-alkaline imbalance and energy loss. This causes a continuous breakdown of the body’s cells, tissues and organs. This is why your body gets sick or form dis-eases. *Note Dis-ease is defined as a lack of harmony or ease. Disease is a medical term treated by doctors of all disciplines.
The recipe for good health
The recipe for improving your health and staying healthy includes eating the proper foods, drinking plenty of water, exercising, taking time to relax, and aiding your body with coral calcium mineral capsules and other helpful mineral supplements. Coral LLC has 73+ above-marine coral calcium sea minerals that are beneficial for you and your body. A simple regiment of coral calcium and vitamin D, daily walks in oxygen-rich air and sunlight, and an acid/alkaline balanced diet will dramatically improve your health.
The right coral mineral supplements
Whenever an individual becomes conscious of the importance of nutrition, they begin to search for healthy food options to include in their everyday diet. They also search for nutrition supplements, specifically multiple-minerals supplements. Unfortunately, as most people find the display of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutritional supplements incredibly confusing.
There’s a huge gap in pricing of products, from one company to another. Why do bottles from two different companies, with the exact same lists of minerals, differ so widely in cost? The answer isn’t always clear. Some companies price their supplements higher in order to make more money. Others actually cut the nutritional coral minerals with the cheaper, less effective and cheaper grade of calcium carbonate. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to remember that one cannot judge the product by the price. The correct ethical coral calcium mineral supplements will not only be priced fairly, but they will also contain pure coral calcium without any harmful additives. Coral LLC only uses organic “above sea coral” for all of its supplements.
What is Above Sea EcoSafe™ Coral?
Hundreds of years ago, the “above sea” coral was a thriving reef. It was geologically pushed up above sea level, free from ocean pollution caused by the industrial revolution and current day pollutants. Coral LLC collects pristine white fossilized coral heads from these same reefs, which are protected beneath a layer of soil. After the coral rocks are collected, they are taken to a cGMP-certified grinding facility where they undergo a three-stage grinding and sterilization process of purification.
The above sea coral that Coral LLC uses to produce coral mineral supplements does not contain any pollutants, such as high amounts of heavy metals, chemicals, fertilizers, etc., found in the present day contaminated oceans. There is no health advantage to harvesting coral from below the sea. Below sea coral, sometimes referred to as marine grade coral, is less than pure. It can contain shell remnants and seafloor debris among other things. Perhaps more problematic, though, is the fact that the harvesting process for below sea coral is actually harmful to young marine life. This type of coral is actually vacuumed from the bottom of the sea. Young marine life use the coral and other items that are taken from the area as shelter to help shield them from predators as they grow. Harvesting this coral often means damage to the delicate reef ecosystem below the water.
All Coral LLC’s mineral products, from coral calcium powder to coral white toothpaste, are not only beneficial for your health but they are also produced in an eco-friendly manner that is also good for the environment.
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